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Update on the meat front – good news!

So today when I got off work I went to the gym and completed my HIIT for the day.  Today was supposed to be lower body but I was lazy this weekend and so I did HIIT and some lower body work.  Anyway, when I got done, I went by the market where I’d heard the Tamworth Farmer was selling meat products.  PS here is the market if you are in middle Georgia — Mia’s Heath Food.  The guy happened to be there at the time too!  I didn’t get a chance to talk with him because he was helping other people but I did buy some products.  Here’s what I got:

5-10-10 022

Grass-fed beef and 2% Greek Vanilla yogurt.  Both of the products are from local sources and both from “humanely” treated animals.  How much was this?  The yogurt was $6.50 for the 32 oz container and the beef was $5.99 for the 1 lb package.  Yes, these prices are higher than what you can find at the grocery store but I really think it’s worth it.  Here is how I compare it:  the beef is about 4 servings (4 oz each) so it is $1.50 per serving.  You really couldn’t buy a cheaper hamburger (that’s that quality) for less than $1.50.  Yes you could buy some other meat at the grocery store for cheaper but it wouldn’t give you the same peace of mind.  That’s how I feel anyway.  With the yogurt, it has about 8 4 oz servings in that container, which comes to a total of $0.8125 per serving.  That’s well worth the price for such good yogurt.  I’ve already sampled the yogurt and I can vouch for it’s yumminess!

Here is a close up of the beef label:

5-10-10 017

And a close up of the yogurt label:

5-10-10 021

Anyway, I’m excited to try the meat tonight for supper.  I’m sure the husband will be very happy!  I haven’t had a hamburger in a good long time too 🙂


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