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Tri-ing something new

I have a lot of things on my life’s to do list.  One of them is complete a triathlon.  It’s a really scary fitness goal for someone who is basically couch potato right now.  I do exercise and I’ve been doing quite well the last few weeks but I wouldn’t say that I have a good fitness routine set up.  BUT, I’m hoping to change that.  Here is what I want to do:  Cue scary castle music from Mario – the soundtrack of my life lately.  Thanks husband.

Georgia Veterans Duathlon & Triathlon


This is a sprint triathlon distance.  It involves a 400 yard swim followed by a 13.6 mile bike ride followed by a 5K run.  The only race I’ve ever done before this was a 5K that I did back in February for my birthday and I walked that race.  I can’t really run for more than, oh, 2 minutes.  I haven’t tried real swimming in a few summers.  My experience with a bike is only a little better.  My husband and I own some cheap department store bikes that we take out to our town’s “riverwalk” and ride around on the weekends.

But I hope to change this!  My husband and I bought some bikes yesterday from our local bike store.  Here is what I got for mine:



This is a Specialized Vita.  Not a road bike, it’s considered a hybrid.  However, it’s as close as I was willing to go for the time being.  After doing a ton of research on it, I think this is basically a road bike with a flat bar.  I also asked them to put some hand rests (I don’t know what they’re called) on there too since I struggled with that on the dept store bike.  The bike had to be ordered because I’m short and needed a small size so it should be here in about a week and we should be able to pick it up on the 12th.  I can’t wait!!

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the running thing.  I’ve been doing some HIIT workouts body for life style.  I’ve also been doing the body for life weight training workouts.  I’ve done any swim training yet because I don’t have access to a pool.  However, I have called around and found a gym that has a pool where I can workout.  Still waiting on husband to get onboard before I actually purchase the membership.  I purposely picked an event that is pretty far away so I’ll have plenty of time to train before hand.

So there ya go!  I put my goal out there for anyone to see!  Hopefully this will help me stay accountable to myself for my goals.  That and telling everyone I know that usually works for me 🙂


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