My quest for humanely raised meat

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In March of 2009, I read about a challenge that Jenna was having called Meatless in March.  Before this, I had never considered being a vegetarian.  I didn’t really understand why someone would want to or have any desire to try it.  However, after reading about it, I decided to try.  My husband was not very happy about it.  He loves his meat and really hated that he would have to try to cook around me or not get meat for dinner.  But I held up through about 90% of the challenge.  There was one weekend that we went to New Orleans and I had some crab and some sausage.  I learned a lot during that time, including understanding what it was like from the perspective of a vegetarian.  People look at you funny sometimes, restaurants don’t always have good choices, you don’t really know if some things have meat in them, you have to really read labels, etc.  However, after the challenge was over I started eating meat again and didn’t really look back. 

Fast forward to December 2009:  it was the day after Christmas and I was eating leftover Christmas ham.  The husband and I decided to watch a movie on Demand and just happened to pick Food Inc.  This movie really opened my eyes to the factory farming industry.  I was grossed out (and eating a piece of ham at the time).  I didn’t want to eat meat anymore.  I know it was possible since I’d done it before but I seriously thought about being a permanent vegetarian.  I later (about 2 weeks later) decided to be a pescetarian.  This is someone who does not eat most meat but does eat seafood & shellfish.  This seemed like a good compromise to me and one that I could actually maintain.

Well that was over 5 months ago and I’ve still being eating this way.  My husband has gotten used to this for the most part and doesn’t complain too much.  He’s still not a fan though.  At this point, I’ve been doing more research on where we get our dairy and egg products and once again I’m a bit grossed out by how much of them are factory farmed too.  I was even prompted to think about veganism.  However, this just doesn’t seem like something I can maintain.  So, I’ve been doing research on local animal products and local meat. 

It has been really hard to find anything good around me.  I live in a medium sized city but there are a lot of rural areas around where people have cows, chickens, and other animals.  The problem has been in finding places that are reasonably priced, near enough for me to travel, and getting info on the Internet to find these places.

Here are a few of the resources I’ve used thus far:

This article from the Huffington Post is a good place to get started:  Avoiding Factory Farmed Food

This website may also have some information when looking for places locally:  Local Harvest

This website is a little hard to read but has some good information:  Pick Your Own

After my research, I have managed to find a place near me that offers some good choices.  When I found them today, the store they sell in my area was already closed so I am going to check them out Monday.  Here is their site:  Tamworth Farmer.  I am really excited to see what I can find out!  I’ll be back later with an update.


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